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Need to Export More Than 5000 Rows in Google Analytics?

So I tried some googling around to some solutions and found some plugins or URL updates that did not pan out. So…after a little more digging I came across a link that spoke of a free tool that let’s you pull all your rows out of data with no limitations for your GA accounts. Turns out it’s true!

  • Download the software at the following URL:
  • Open Excel, Click the Analytics Edge Tab and accept the terms of use and supply and email for the free license
  • You’ll need to first add an account to get started, select “Accounts”

  • Name the account that you want to use going forward (you can have more than 1)

  • Sign in with your google analytics account

  • Once signed in you’ll see your account information

  • To get started with a report return back to Free Google Analytics >> Analytics Reporting

  • The default wizard should load up. We’ll get started on pulling a report now!

  • Select the section of Google Analytics you want to report off of:

  • Select the view from Google Analytics you wish to pull data from:

  • Select which fields you want to see in the report:

  • Select the date range to which you want to pull data from:

  • Once the report has completed you should see data from your analytics!

Hope this helps.

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