Director of enterprise solutions Delivery architecture

Director of Enterprise Solution Delivery Architecture & the Architecture Center of Excellence with extensive background in helping business partners envision and design enterprise architecture that drives amazing experiences with high availability. I love to take current problems or technical challenges while bringing people together to align solutions and strategy to provide the best technical path for how we can work to achieve goals with technology.

Work Experience


TEAMHealth, Knoxville, TN

Director of Enterprise Solutions Delivery Architecture, Clinician Experience & Solution Delivery

Director, Architecture Center of Excellence

Enterprise Information & Technology


02/2017 –  Present


Providing enterprise architectural guidelines and recommendations that drive strategic priority and technical oversight across executive governance, programs and projects that support the horizontal/vertical spaces of IT. Director of the Architecture Center of Excellence for all IT architects of the company, which serves as the center of excellence and community of practice around the standards (TOGAF) and artifacts reflected within architecture and deliverables around defined IT processes. Performs enterprise reviews at all layers on a regular basis to determine the feasibility of various platforms and solutions.

Active Work:

  • Provides partnership & support to eight solution delivery teams across various strategic portfolios
  • Active in governance, program and project architecture where enterprise architecture decisions & modeling is necessary across all vertical & horizontal technologies.
  • Actively reviewing, diagramming & architecting solutions in the following platforms or services for key deliveries in the all of the IT Top 25: AWS (API & File Gateways, Lambda, Networking, EBS, EC2, S3, Route53, CloudFront, RDS, Redis, Certificates, IAM), Okta, WP Engine (WordPress), IBM Kinexa, Azure (CRM, SharePoint), Verity
  • Implementation & improvements in product monitoring, Unit Testing, Cross-Platform browser Testing and Load Testing with tools like Browserstack, Katalon, Selenium, jMeter, Blazemeter, Visual Studio, Pingdom)
  • In year two of the Architecture Center of Excellence, moving forward in the initiatives of architecture review board, metadata management, EA repository platforms, application inventory & attestation, long-term product roadmap
  • Actively in pursuit of AWS Solutions Architect & TOGAF certifications

Notable projects:

Key Completed Projects In Present Role To Date

Feb 2017 – Jun 2019

  • Led the architecture efforts to deliver a company-wide mobile app to provide a mobile-first experience that consolidates multiple intranets and solutions around chat, social feeds, features, and embedded apps for all employees (20K+) and invited guests
  • Co-led an effort to consolidate multiple enterprise file sharing systems (4+) and document storage locations into a single consolidated solution (savings of 150K+)
  • Successful integration of a Marketing Automation Platform (Marketo) that is fully integrated to Microsoft CRM via Scribe Online, driving to an increased % of leads measured YOY.
  • Led a project that consolidated all on-premise DNS redirects (150+) from an internal non-HA infrastructure into a configurable SaaS with SSL support, (5K+ savings YOY + AWS SLA)
  • Led transformative projects that have delivered implementations of the following solutions: Brightcove, ClickDimensions, EasyRedir, FirmPlay, GettyImages, Google (Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager), Hubspot, Intercom, Leadature, Marketo, Podbean, Sitecore, WordPress, XMPie
  • Reduced all high-risk issues across 20+ systems from annual Security Audit findings in 2018
  • Established Cisco ELA plan for 3 year transformation of existing security suite
  • Developed the Enterprise Architecture artifacts of the conceptual architecture canvas, layered architecture canvas, solution review questionnaire, architecture PATH & principles, Security questionnaire
  • Participated in various roles in IT, including Change Advocate (co-chair), Culture Focus Group (lead), Solution Delivery Practice Standards (Architecture Contributor)

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: BlazeMeter, BitBucket, Blueworks, Box, BrowserStack, Calendly, Confluence, Formstack, JIRA, LucidChart, Pingdom, Silkroad, SmartDocs, SVN, Tableau, TextUs, TFS, WatchDox/Workspaces


Systems Architect + IT Manager, Systems Engineering

Information Technology


07/2016 –  02/2017


Served as a Systems Architect, Technical Lead and Solution Delivery partner for various projects to provide architectural guidance, strategy and implementation best practices for end-to-end delivery. Developed, configured and deployed multiple solutions in support of Business Development, Recruitment, Human Resources, Client Services, Application Development, Information Security and Digital Infrastructure. Managed 5 ongoing internships providing mentoring and delivering opportunities in projects that engage students current technology stacks.

Notable projects:

Key Architectural Product Solutions & Systems Deliveries

Jul 2016 – Feb 2017

  • Delivered assistance and strategy working with our business and systems teams to convert, migrate and retire various systems and applications from dated architecture (50+ servers + apps)
  • Delivered an eStore solution across the enterprise to allow for merchandise ordering (personal or corporate) for all employees with integrated tiered workflow approval
  • Led the delivery on a website initiative that delivered a complete rebrand and functional rework of the company’s flagship website
  • Completed a 2-year project replacing dated CRM/Website technology systems with modern and robust SaaS based implementations that are projected to increase the revenue of business development and recruitment teams
  • Led architectural guidance and strategy for the implementation and upgrade of dated CRM systems from 2011 to 2013, then from 2013 to 2016 (in a stepped migration)
  • Led architectural guidance and strategy for the implementation and upgrade of dated SharePoint systems from 2010 to 2013
  • Contributed in the delivery of a company-wide SSO standardization/implementation (Okta) that included the initial configuration and integration of 10+ applications
  • Led the effort to consolidate multiple software solutions for user service support toolsets (PW reset, account lookup, database consolidation) to be consolidated to an easy to use application for the Client Services team to have as a single pane of glass for end-user support
  • Worked with IT DevOps and business stakeholders to implement more agile development best practices with source control, task management (project management tools) and software documentation (Wikis/Client Support Docs)

    Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: Okta, ADFS, Active Directory, LDAP, Oracle, SQL Server, MS SQL, ASP.Net, Proforms, JIRA, TFS, BitBucket, MS Project, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Windows Server, Apache, Linux, Sitecore, Crystal Reports, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, C#, SharePoint, XML, VB Script, VB.Net


Systems Engineer, Systems Engineering

Information Technology


04/2014 –  07/2016


As technical lead, delivered the end-to-end custom & OTS web and software applications, as well as customized third-party technologies across various software platforms and user authentication domains. Produced documentation of implementation as well as conveying that information to our end-support teams.

Notable projects:

SharePoint & Sitecore website integrations & customizations

Apr 2015 – Jul 2016

  • Managed 7 on-premise single and multi-site Sitecore platforms (6.5 & 8.0)
  • Delivered as technical lead the creation and customization of user, workflow and site/page security
  • Provisioned web forms and MVC based Sitecore instances
  • Delivered key integrations with Sitecore analytics, MongoDB, and Google Analytics
  • Integrated source control with Team Foundation Server; Sitecore Rocks and Hedgehog TDS
  • Acquired Sitecore Developer Certification
  • Administered and deployed web applications, software installs/patches, 3rd party products, and miscellaneous modifications for all IIS/Apache web servers for companies with servers across multiple domains
  • Development and customization of SharePoint (2007/2010/2013) web parts, pages, administrative timer jobs, workflows and web/WCF services for data integration; Experience with CSOM and JSOM
  • Developed and delivered web, forms based, and console applications to user support specialists as tools for searching and modifying user data in MS SQL, Oracle & LDAP

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: Sitecore, Sitecore Rocks, Hedgehog TDS, Team Foundation Server, Google Analytics, MongoDB, MVC, C#, ASP.Net, IIS, Windows Server, MS SQL, SQL Server, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, XML, WCF, WSDL, Oracle, AD / LDAP, SharePoint (web parts & integrations)

Systems Engineering Key Optimizations & Integrations

Apr 2014 – Apr 2015

  • Configured and deployed multi-domain instances of Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) versions 2.0 & 3.0
  • Configured and deployed Active Directory Certificate Services with a custom user verification application process to allow for self-serve MFA certificate auto-enrollment
  • Set up and deployed intranet/intranet instances of Azure Multifactor MFA for use with ADFS, VPN, IIS and Radius
  • Configuration and deployment of 15+ purchased solutions in support of projects

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: TigerText, BMC Remedy, OneDrive for Business, F5 BigIP, CRM, ShareScan, Cognos, Saba, HarePoint Analytics, Tangier, Gnosis, ShoreTel, Ziiva Prosperity LMS, and Four51 Ordercloud

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) – (UT-Battelle), Oak Ridge, TN

Senior Developer, US ITER

ORNL Information Services Technology Department


02/2013 –  04/2014


Provides full-stack technical delivery and maintenance services for web application projects related to the government sector. Was responsible for the project application development, maintenance, testing and on-going support of enterprise level solutions that had expanded collaboration across multiple countries.

Notable projects:

U.S. ITER Opentext Hummingbird Migration to Integrated Complex ASP.Net Application

Feb 2013 – Apr 2014

  • Collaborated and developed against a complex Visual Studio solution (70+ Integrated & Embedded applications) with custom document management/workflow system in support of the ITER headquarters in Cadarache, France
  • Was migration team leader that successfully migrated 18,000+ documents from a OpenText Hummingbird (eDocs) system to a custom (VB) dynamically driven application (iDocs)
  • Led successful implementation of the U.S. based migration to and deployment of iDocs, a custom document management system with workflow and custom metadata manipulation capabilities
  • Has performed security clearance processes and at least 8+ weeks of foreign travel collaborating with other developers from 5 other countries for training and customization of ITER document management system (iDocs)

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: ASP.NET, VB, C#, Java, Opentext Hummingbird, XML, jQuery, MS SQL, SQL Server, Windows Server, Git, SVN, Active Directory

Oak Ridge Associated Universities, Oak Ridge, TN

Web Applications Developer II, Occupational Exposure and Worker Health

12/2011 –  02/2013


Provided full-stack delivery as technical lead of front-facing or backend web applications, completed multiple migration projects, updated and provided documentation around deployed solutions & account creation/maintenance practices, implemented processes to attempt to promote a digital paperless environment, and provided support for the software team of various applications and source control for different project initiatives.

Notable projects:

U.S. DOE & HHS – Government Website(s) UI / UX & Section 508 refresh

Oct 2012 – Feb 2013

  • Technical lead in the implementation of updates (responsive design into existing public/internal web pages) for two major U.S. government websites involving data collection applications and reports for the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • Established web sites to be in compliance with section 508 web site accessibility guidelines for all pages and forms
  • Performed additional research and development in a related mobile app feasibility study, providing projected timeline, budget, and tasks to be completed

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: HTML / CSS / JavaScript, SVN, Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, ASP.Net, MS SQL, SQL Server, Windows Server, iOS, Android, Objective C, xCode

Multi-site Coldfusion to .Net website conversion & data migration

Dec 2011 – Oct 2012

  • Technical lead of the overall full-stack delivery of 5 web applications (medium to large scale) that were migrated from ColdFusion/HTML to ASP.Net
  • Updated .Net applications to perform automatic mail merges of tables of users
  • Converted all data transport operations to be connected with functional calls that connected controls to specific stored procedures & views
  • Introduced legacy and new applications into SVN source control for multi-user editing & branching capability

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: Coldfusion, HTML / CSS / JavaScript, C#, ASP.Net, Windows Server, IIS, MS SQL, Oracle SQL, Visual SVN, Tortoise SVN

Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, TN 07/2008 – 12/2011
Programmer Analyst I, Information Services  

Provided delivery of client web and system applications (coding, configuration, deployment & facilitation of technical project work), documented requirement specifications, composed user/technician support documentation, handled performance modifications and conducted regular backups, and ensured technical and functional deliveries met provided university goals.

Notable projects:

University & Institutional Review Board Website Updates

Jul 2008 – Dec 2009

  • Developed and established web and media sites with link relative templates for university-wide accreditation (was distributed multiple times and nationally featured)
  • Led and delivered a refreshed version of the public facing university website, inclusive of theme, component and UI/UX coding and configuration

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: HTML / CSS / JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Windows Server, IIS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Apache, Linux

University administrative system & user portal for faculty, staff & students

Dec 2009 – Dec 2011

  • Served as technical lead for the implementation of SharePoint 2007 faculty/staff/student portal
  • Served as technical lead for the implementation of synchronizing active directory with the campus information system to fully automate the creation of new accepted students (reducing the amount of work of 6 separate processes and 3 people to none)
  • Configured Single Sign-On for email and campus information system in SharePoint through web parts
  • Implemented and integrated third-party software & web parts with Axceler ControlPoint and Ellucian (formerly Datatel) Colleague software for purposes of integration with SharePoint
  • Developed paperless admissions online application using InfoPath forms services and configured anonymous access submission via SharePoint (Reducing 6 pages of printing per application, with over 2,200 applications per term)

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft active directory, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft InfoPath, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Dreamweaver, XML, Microsoft IIS, Windows Server, Axceler ControlPoint, Ellucian/Datatel Colleague Studio, C#, ASP.Net

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

Internship, Web Developer, Office of the Registrar

01/2008 – 05/2008

Web and application support and development for end-users converting existing forms of the East Tennessee State University Registrar.

Notable projects:

University Registrar website refresh

Jan 2008 – Jul 2008

  • Maintained the registrar’s website with any new projects or enhancements to existing content
  • Provided custom public-facing web form development for the Publications and Marketing group to distribute for office and university
  • Provided in-house technical support and walkthrough documentation for the Help Desk for custom web applications

Product knowledge, programming & configuration experience in: HTML / CSS / Javascript, Dreamweaver, IIS, Microsoft Windows, XML

Education & Training

East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Johnson City, TN

Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science

Concentration: Information Technology (IT)

Accreditation: Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET



Other Notable Workshops & Training: Ethical Hacking, Cisco CCNA 1, CSS (1, 2, and 3) SharePoint Designer, SharePoint Administration, Ellucian Query Builder Fundamentals, Envision Programming, Colleague Studio Fundamentals, and Web Form Migration, WordPress Administration, iOS software development I, AWS Fundamentals