TLDR: Reflection + Pain = Progress


Been presenting ideas lately and having some tough conversations as of late and feeling pretty defeated from it…BUT I am however reminded that the improvement does not come without a certain degree of failure.


Without a healthy cycle of debate to review your goals and decisions it is tough to see if your plans and ideas can stand against criticism or not. It may very well turn your plans upside down.


As you gain clarity and discuss with your colleagues and partners, things begin to improve in the vision and strategy to execute.

So, if from time to time you also feel defeated from conversations, be reminded of this equation and its impact in your every day.

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Action board: What words and actions are driving you?

I find each day has its challenges to give a chance to reveal a new possible action that can be taken to improve the moment.

As something I am learning each day I find that sometimes it’s good to visualize key actions and values to remember how we focus ourselves and work to apply them every day. You may not apply them all at once but as you come back to it and think through your experiences you can reflect and continue to figure out where you can grow and build your partnerships.

Challenge yourself, chances are you may find you have a lot more of these than you think. Thanks for reading.

Any other good ones for the board?