Looking Back! ETSU Computer Science Edition

Background for this post: I was recently working through some summer cleanup in the garage and unearthed what I had discovered as my binder box. As I began to take one last pass through these papers before a final recycling place it gave me pause to reflect and to share to those who have seen things change over time.

It seems like it is now so long ago that had just found the passion in computer science and began my journey during my tenure at ETSU. Looking back on it now I can definitely say I am thankful for all of the highs and lows I experienced: showing excellence in some areas, showing vulnerabilities in others and growing to learn, and above all the experience to collaborate and begin to understand what would eventually come daily teamwork. I can also way with great certainty that I am THRILLED in how far we have came in automation since my graduating class was sent forth: half of our work could have been in a run book, and our virtuals could have been speedy in the cloud! 🙂

Though a lot of the concepts may be refreshed or different my overall discipline to consume and learn new things has still held to this day. I definitely want to thank all of my instructors, collegiate colleagues and alum that helped me to push through to the end! I am most definitely better for it and will never forget all my memories (and sometimes late night studies) that brought me to where I am today.

Enjoy the collage! #memories

and of course, farewell to my days of binders and handwritten pages that became my foundation for the corporate universe! #ETSU #GoBucs #Binders

I think the only thing that was harmful in this experience was to unearth how time has flown by and that my age is definitely a few versions past the original release! 🙂