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Redirect All HTTP Requests To HTTPS With IIS URL Rewrite

Make sure you obtain the appropriate version of URL Rewrite for your version of IIS.

Once you have the URL Rewrite module installed then create a new blank inbound rule and give it a name (mine is Redirect to HTTPS).

Once you have the rule created select to match the pattern with regular expressions using .* as the pattern:


For your conditions, add a condition with the input as {HTTPS} matching the pattern of OFF:


For the action select Redirect and set your Redirect URL to https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:0}. Select to append query string and indicate the Redirect type is a Permanent (301):


Once this is completed (and assuming you have configured your sites for SSL) then you can test it by browsing any page or directory on your site with HTTP and watch it change to HTTPS. Easy enough, right? Hope this helps.